After using 2290 Tax Pro to file taxes for his trucking company, Tom Anderson just didn’t know what to do with himself!

When Janet knocked on Tom’s office door Monday morning, she expected to greet a warm but stressed-out boss, but not today... This time, she opened the door to find her boss at his desk, staring blankly at the wall past his computer screen. He seemed shocked, but not displeased. She noticed that he was quietly muttering to himself; as Janet drew closer, she could distinguish the words…

“It’s already over? But… I only got started…”

Janet, the company’s receptionist and bookkeeper, reports: “I got closer and saw what was on his screen. It looked like a tax service, confirming that his 2290 Tax Forms were submitted. His computer had also printed a Schedule 1 form for his records.”

Janet suddenly understood; all of Tom’s heavy vehicle taxes had all been squared away for the year. No more filing taxes until next year.

Janet couldn’t think long, as, she reports:

“Not long after, Tom perked up and asked me to order two extra-large pizzas for the team. It was 9:50 am. That was highly unusual.”

Here’s the backstory for this unique event.

Over the weekend, Tom had been bracing himself for a crazy session of tax preparation for his trucking company. He had cancelled all his Monday appointments and planned to lock himself in his office to tackle it head on. Though Tom is normally a pen-and-paper type of guy, he found a taxfiling platform online and decided to humor it by giving it a try. If it failed, he reasoned, he would just file his taxes the traditional way.

The online tax filing service Tom had just used to slash his workday was called 2290 Tax Pro; what normally would have taken hours took only a few minutes.

If he would have filed by paper, Tom would have been forced to wait after the tax man for that crucial Schedule 1 form. This process might have taken weeks, if not months, piling on to his stress levelsas the tax deadline loomed closer.

Before trying it out, Tom noticed that 2290 Tax Pro was an IRS-approved internet-based service, reassuring him that this platform was safe for filing his confidential tax information. He also saw that he was qualified to file his company’s taxes through 2290 Tax Pro because he pays a heavy vehicle use tax.

Even if it wasn’t a trucking company, he could have filled even if his company was:

  • An owner-operator trucker,

  • A small trucking fleet,

  • A family farm,

  • An excavation company,

  • A construction company,

  • A tax professional who filed for his clients,

  • One of several others, even if transportation was not Tom’s corebusiness.

After his Monday morning epiphany, Tom became a believer in e-filing his heavy vehicle taxes through 2290 Tax Pro.

Tom Used 2290 Tax Pro to Save His Workday (and So Can You!)

(You’ll be taken to a registration form that will create your user account. From there, you can immediately begin e-filing for your business.)

Janet noticed that ever since this Monday morning incident, Tom began acting differently:

“Ever since filing his heavy vehicle taxes, Tom started bragging to me about how tech savvy he’s become. Keep in mind, Tom is no tech wizard; he doesn’t know the difference between email and Gmail. He even thought that a USB key was something that you could download to your computer!

Anyways, I went into 2290 Tax Pro to check it out; it’s built in such an intuitive way that it’s no wonder Tom thought he was doing something complicated! Even if he had gotten stuck, there was a team of experts on standby to help at a moment’s notice.”

Here’s How Tom Managed to Save Himself Hours of Time While Filing His Taxes

He clicked the button on this page saying “Yes! Help Me File!” and was directed to a registration form. He then entered some basic tax information about his business.

After reviewing and submitting his form, Tom was taken to an easy user platform and immediately started e-filing. 2290 Tax Pro handled the tax submission in the background.

Tom submitted his 2290 forms and received his stamped Schedule 1 form through email in less than the time it took him to finish his second cup of coffee. From there, Tom had nothing but time to burn!

After this Monday incident, other employees started to notice that Tom began acting differently. Stanley, a dispatcher for the trucking company, chimed in about Tom’s behavior:

“It’s like, he’s become a different person; he used to be a stressed out and overwhelmed guy, but now he’s this new fun-loving boss. He also has all this spare time, but he doesn’t know what to do with himself! He started dusting the tops of our ceiling fans. He’s cleaned every dust vent. I even caught him hand polishing every phone receiver in the building. All with a big smile!”

He started going further than that; he started playing matchmaker and linked me up with Monica, the delivery lady. We get married in July!”

Truck driver Julian had this to say: “Tom talked my ear off about 2290 Tax Pro, telling me that you could use it from anywhere; not just your office. He’s set up a desk on the office roof to test out that theory once our 2021 tax season comes around!”

Too Good to Be True?

Okay… you’ve probably figured out that Tom is not a real person. But the underlying message is true; we help you submit your 2290 Form from anywhere, at any time, incredibly quickly, and at your convenience.

Worried that you might have too much spare time after using 2290 Tax Pro? Don’t worry; there is always another ceiling fan to dust and another dust vent to polish!

With us, you always know that you’ll get:

  • A tax filing platform authorized by the IRS;

  • Your Schedule 1 tax form sent to your email within minutes of filing;

  • A paper-free experience, all organized in one place;

  • A remote e-filing experience, letting you file from anywhere with an internet connection;

  • A secure place to store your tax information; we use top of the line cybersecurity technology;

  • Free re-filing if you make any mistakes; start over without penalty, and until you’re approved.

  • Even more time savings next year, since all of last year’s files are readily available.

  • Steep discounts for VIN Corrections

Even though we can’t turn you into Tom, we know that we can turn you into a person much less stressed through the tax season. The fastest way to do this is by using what ‘Tom’ used: 2290 Tax Pro.

If you have any questions at all, you can kindly send us an email support@2290taxpro.com for quick and helpful tech support, as well as basic inquiries about our service.